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Digital Automotive makes you better...

Better decisions

Automotive-specific reports, calendars and approval workflows create transparency for strategic goals, acquisition decisions, capacity planning and are escalation indicators in the claim and change process.

Better execution

Professional target management with Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and the integrated Task Manager make execution strength to the corporate culture. Process-controlled work becomes reality through automotive-tested workflows.

Better results

Digital Automotive generates demonstrable improvements in results and makes performance transparent with performance measured in real time.

Digital Automotive answers your questions - 10 examples

  1. How much turnover you make with your projects, products, customers, plants and regions - today and in the future
  2. What prices, quantities and conditions were agreed for your projects
  3. Which strategic target projects are planned
  4. How much new business you have already won
  5. Which acquisition projects are currently being processed
  6. How profit has improved with external changes and target costing
  7. When, which tools can be invoiced
  8. Which claim volume is still open and which potentials still exist
  9. Which goals (Objectives) your company has and how your employees contribute to achieving them (Key Results)
  10. How the processing of the tasks in the sprint projects (megatasks) is

  • Higher profits through

    • significantly better results in external change management
    • systematic target costing
    • optimal utilization of existing capacities
    • Creation of a high-performance organization through performance transparency
    • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) enables state-of-the-art and successful management with objectives

    More Cash

    • through active claim management
    • faster tool payment receipts

    Targeted sales growth
    through the operationalisation of the strategic objectives contained in the system

  • State-of-the-art control and management

    • The entire sales control with strategy, acquisition, change, claim and tool management is included in the system - with target-oriented overviews and KPIs
    • The integrated Task Manager facilitates the delegation and tracking of tasks. These can be assigned to specific changes, claims, projects, tools or key results
    • Managing employees according to goals (Objectives & Key Results (OKR))

    Success in change and claim management

    • Professionalism in the entire claim management from the recognition of claim potentials to invoicing.
    • Changes are processed across departments with an automotive-tested workflow. And the results are calculated automatically.
    • The performance contributions of the sales team become transparent and thus the importance of sales for the profitability of the entire company. Results and process performance are available at the push of a button.

    Acquisition success

    • Revenue planning with strategic target projects split into succession and new business
    • The entire organization is committed to the acquisition goals through visualization
    • The preliminary processes necessary for the preparation of quotations are processed in predefined workflows and provide the sales department with the data it needs for the submission of quotations on time
    • Success overviews for incoming orders are available at any time. These can be filtered by products, customers, regions, etc.

    Analyses at the push of a button

    • Hectic ad-hoc requests like "Can we make a list of all sales in China" or "how much sales do we actually make with the A3 over runtime?" are no longer necessary, as Digital Automotive delivers them in seconds.
    • Sales/change/claim evaluations from all conceivable perspectives (customer, region, product) are possible

    Ease of work and professionalism internally

    • IHS quantities and standardised project designations are imported directly into Digital Automotive and do not have to be entered manually Basic data for quick tool invoicing, current prices, project overviews etc. are included in the system
    • All contract data for projects of the last years immediately available

    Professionalism towards the customer

    • Timely submission of offers in acquisition and change management
    • Negotiating at eye level becomes possible through claim potentials as a counter position to customer claims
    • Reliable data bases, whether in acquisition, change or claim management, create sovereignty in customer appointments
  • Reliable basis for the budget process

    • All projects in one system. Series projects for reliable sales forecasts. Development, acquisition and strategic projects for CapEx projection.
    • The sales forecast at project level can be aggregated by region, plant, product group, customer group and overall company

    Reliable and up-to-date series and non-series sales forecasts

    • Turnover forecasts are transparently displayed in real time with the daily incoming information on quantities, prices and billing options
    • The previously unstructured non-series sales (tools, development services, direct reimbursements from claims, etc.) are now in one system - clear and up-to-date


    • Digital Automotive has integrated automotive proven KPIs for professional strategy, acquisition, change, claim and project management
    • Result and process performance is always available for every digital automotive process


    • The employees work according to predefined process standards
    • Offers are approved via workflows with clearly assigned business plans, specifications and project premises
  • Control of the Change Management

    Automotive proven workflows with clear task assignment (Task Manager) and clear result and process performance displays for:

    • External change management
    • Target Costing
    • Costs for quality optimisation

    Control of the projects

    • Top project KPIs in an overview
    • Management of project staff according to objectives (Objectives & Key Results (OKR))
    • The integrated Task Manager facilitates the delegation and tracking of tasks. These can be assigned to specific changes, projects, tools or key results
    • Tool tracking from the first installation via PPAP green to billing
    • Problem solutions for sub-projects can be controlled via sprint projects (megatasks) -> all tasks in one digital place

    Development/production/plant manager get...

    • Capacity planning through transparency about strategically planned projects
    • Comparison of strategic sales planning with plant utilization and planning
    • Short-term start-up and run-down control through SOP / EOP overviews
    • Managing employees according to goals (Objectives & Key Results (OKR))
    • Overview of open / to be done tasks - all in one system