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Manage Accounts and Contacts with Supplier-Focused Functionalities

Over 1000 OEM and Tier 1 accounts have already been pre-filled with high-quality data. The system effortlessly links all your sales business data to these accounts.


Get all your customer contacts organized


Manage your customer interactions directly in your Acquisition, Change or Claim Process. 


Link tasks, documents and quotes to your customers, within the process you are currently working on.


CUSTOMER Your Benefits

 🔝 > 1000 OEM and Tier 1 are already in the system. The basis for all reports filtered by customer attribute.
🔝 All customer interactions are linked to concrete  Acquisition projects, Changes or Claims.
🔝 The information is where you need it and the time of anyway unread customer visit reports ends.
 🏁  Transparency and efficiency in customer communication by an automotive supplier-oriented approach.

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In over 25 years of automotive supplier sales management, we have learned the benefits of digitization. Discover an improved process experience with Digital Automotive. We are happy to share our expert knowledge with you.