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Grow in the Right Markets with the Right Products

Automized Real-time Reports - Ready for Your Management Meetings

  • See growth curves, portfolios, strategic target overviews and lifecycle views.
  • Visualize the strategic direction and your target projects for your entire organization.
  • Adapt and modify targets easily.
  • Track the Top-KPI "CAGR" (average growth rate) compared to the market development.
  • Gain deeper insights into what matters for you with filters for customers, products, regions, projects, and more.
  • Explore different volume scenarios, incorporating S&P Global Mobility data, your own assumptions, or customer data.
  • Drill down to understand what your sales are based on.
  • Define your individual project attributes like production technology, Business Units, or any criteria you want your business to be visualized.
  • Conduct budget comparisons effortlessly.

Effortless Set-up of New Strategic Projects

  • Define concrete strategic targets easily, following a simple, agile, and systematic approach.
  • Use the possibilities and benefit from linking your projects to the S&P Global Mobility data:
    • Standardized project names
    • Prefilled project data
    • Continuously updated volume projections
  • Projects can be grouped into one project.
  • Define strategic positioning, footprint, volumes, prices, investments, direct reimbursements, approved by a digital signature.
  • Plan with assumptions on inflation, targets, indexes

Seamlessly Integrate Booked Business under Development or in Serial Production

Digital Automotive solves the challenges of accurate volume and prices information for your booked projects:

  • Volumes from your actual deliveries and short-term call-off's can be integrated from your ERP system.
  • Long-term volume projections are put into the system with super user-friendly interfaces. 
  • Maximum efficiency and accuracy on Prices: The price tracking lists from the sales managers are automatically part of your sales planning. Always up-to-date with zero effort. 

Unleash the Power of AI:

Benefit from the system's ability to identify underutilized plants or declining market share and receive proposals for strategic projects.


STRATEGY Your Benefits

🔝 Real-time sales planning in all dimensions
🔝 Automized management reports ready for your next meeting
🔝 Easy and convenient set-up of new strategic projects including S&P data integration
🔝 Immediate reactions on new market developments are now possible 
🔝 Resource requirements and sales shortfalls are identified in time
 🔝 Success factor visualization of strategic targets
 🏁 > 95% plant utilization and growth as targeted

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In over 25 years of automotive supplier sales management, we have learned the benefits of digitization. Discover an improved process experience with Digital Automotive. We are happy to share our expert knowledge with you.