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Digital Automotive - Strategic Planning & Steering

Strategic Planning & Steering

Grow in the right markets, with the right products, at the right speed!

Strategic Planning & Steering

Actively managing the portfolio: customers, regions, plants and products

Looking into the future with Digital Automotive STRATEGY is the basis for long-term planning and timely adjustment of the required resources.

The automotive-proven presentation perspectives enable a deeper understanding of the importance and development of the respective business areas. Growth potentials become transparent and the order portfolio can be actively managed.

These functions make it possible:

  • Growth curves for the next 5 years categorized in: Series, development, acquisition, strategic successors, strategic new business, and opportunities (priority 2 projects)
  • Investment Report (CapEx)
  • Portfolio representations
  • Business Segment Matrix
  • Strategic positioning and market situation
  • Filter functions by customer, region, product, plant


Übersicht über das eigene Fahrzeugportfolio

Growth targets and investment needs are alligned

With Digital Automotive STRATEGY the investment needs for your target projects become visible. All investments (equipment, tools, development etc.) of all planned projects are aggregated and presented in a CapEx forecast. And it's all completely agile: the forecast is updated in real time as soon as the strategy changes.

These functions make it possible:

  • Invest-Report (CapEx)
  • Filter functions by customer, region, product, plant


Strategie Management Automotive

Visualizing the strategic direction for the entire organization - the path to success

Growth targets for the respective products, customers and regions with concrete target acquisition projects become transparent in Digital Automotive STRATEGY.

The result: focused and coordinated work of the entire organization. Information on the strategic direction is available at all times to every employee who needs to be informed.

These functions make it possible:

  • Visualization of the strategic target acquisition projects
  • Easy adaptability of concrete target acquisition projects
  • Target growth line
  • Top-KPI „CAGR (average growth rate)“


Strategie Management Automobilzulieferer

Identify resource requirements and sales shortfalls in time

Digital Automotive STRATEGY makes it possible to plan plant capacities with foresight. This is based on transparency regarding the future development of sales based on assigned target projects.
And for the capacity planning of the project and development teams there are perfect overviews of planned new projects and upcoming SOPs.

These functions make it possible:

  • Forecasts: Future sales curves of booked and planned orders filterable by plants and regions
  • SOP / EOP-Calendar
  • Visualization of the strategic target acquisition projects with expected acquisition start/commissioning date (= start of development)


SOP/EOP Kalender - Keinen Termin verpassen

Define concrete acquisition targets - simple, agile and systematic

The goal when projects are first created (long before they first appear in SAP): structure and systematics on the one hand - simplicity on the other.

The link to IHS/ LMC helps you here: vehicle names and quantities are automatically transferred. And can of course be overwritten if the information is better. Your products are connected to the vehicle with just one click. The project is finished.

These functions make it possible:

  • Connection to IHS/ LMC
  • Predefined standard names for "your" products


Akquiseziele finden und definieren

So that the strategy becomes reality: Anchoring with GOALS & TASK Manager

With Digital Automotive you can assign strategic goals and the resulting tasks to your employees so that your strategy becomes reality.

With the proven management instrument Objectives & Key Results, your employees will be highly motivated and committed to actually implementing the goals they have set. Associated individual tasks can be delegated and tracked in TASK Manager.

These functions make it possible:

  • GOALS module (Objectives & Key Results)
  • The TASK Manager ensures that the tasks necessary to achieve the objectives are implemented on time.


OKR und Task Verbindung

Targeted growth with Digital Automotive - from market observation to strategy and order

Digital Automotive offers you a complete system for your market strategy that contains everything you need to be successful: from market development (MARKET module) to basic strategic orientation, operationalization through concrete target acquisition projects, visualization (STRATEGY module), the acquisition process (ACQUISITION module) and finally implementation by the employees (TASK module). 

These functions make it possible:

  • Digital Automotive MARKET module
  • Digital Automotive STRATEGY module
  • Digital Automotive ACQUISITION module
  • Digital Automotive TASK module


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