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How You Benefit from Using Digital Automotive

Enjoy the combination of user-friendly processes, easy handling and automized insightful real-time reports.

Be Prepared for Customer Meetings with Detailed Reports on:

  • Current acquisition projects
  • Open claims (active and passive)
  • Claim potentials (active and passive)
  • Open changes
  • Open one-time payments (including quick savings)
  • Recent achievements in these areas

Save Your Time with Processes Tailored for Automotive Supplier Sales:

  • Easy-to-use sales workflows are designed with maximum automation, ensuring efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrate data from various sources, minimizing manual input.
  • If manual input is necessary, this is done just once, and data is used multiple times.
  • Access all contract data and documents conveniently, even from years ago.
  • Facilitate deputy and succession situations with standardized processes.
  • Automatically generated reports directly derived from the workflows save time and effort in report preparation.
  • Input from changes to your price list is done automatically. 



Avoid Mistakes and Enhance Efficiency in Pricing:

  • Replace cumbersome Excel lists with a centralized pricing database.
  • Utilize price and cost breakdowns defined by you and ensure calculation is done according to your standards.
  • Leverage factors, surcharges, and index tables to ensure accurate calculations using the latest and most up-to-date data.
  • Automatically updated prices based on Change or Claim management inputs.



See Your Performance in Real-Time:

  • Monitor your achievements in real-time, providing insights into:
    • Order intake.
    • Claim performance (received compensation).
    • Change performance (profit increase).
  • Increase your personal and team reputation by making performance in Acquisition, Change, and Claim Management visible.

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In over 25 years of automotive supplier sales management, we have learned the benefits of digitization. Discover an improved process experience with Digital Automotive. We are happy to share our expert knowledge with you.