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Digital Automotive - Acquisiton


Winning Profitable New Business


Forward-looking acquisition planning and focus on the current acquisition portfolio

When are requests for quotations (RFQs) expected? What is our current active offer inventory? And which awards are about to be decided?

Digital Automotive ACQUISITION answers these questions in clear reports and calendars, so that your organization is always up to date. Forward-looking capacity planning and the focus necessary for successful acquisition are only possible with this system.

These functions make it possible:

  • Acquisition calendar for capacity planning
  • Offer inventory overview with process status
  • Filter functions by customer, region, product, plant


Akquise Management Automotive - Kalender

A best practice acquisition process, with which orders are won and work is done in compliance

Digital Automotive ACQUISITION guarantees process-compliant work with predefined, practice-proven and adaptable workflows. From kick off, contract review, business plan to approval, everything is contained in one system.

And the greatest complexity in the acquisition process is also solved: with the integrated versioning functionality. Via the cockpit, the acquisition project manager controls his project so that the target acquisition project is won.

These functions make it possible:

  • Acquisition process workflow with KPIs for offer lead time and bootlenecks
  • Business case presentation
  • Contract & feasibility review
  • Resource availability check
  • Versioning function
  • Approval workflow with automated e-mail or task creation in the Task Manager


Akquise Management Automobilzulieferer - Best Practice

The complete order intake in an overview

Digital Automotive ACQUISITION presents the won orders transparently in the Order Intake Report. The KPI Hitrate shows how successfully the organization is currently working in acquisition management. By networking with the Digital Automotive STRATEGY module, strategy compliance becomes transparent. Won/lost analyses allow conclusions to be drawn about promising acquisition targets.

These functions make it possible:

  • Order Intake Report
  • Filter functions by customer, region, product, plant


Alle Aufträge in einer Übersicht visualisiert

Final quotation premises are documented in the system: Basis for project handover and subsequent claims

All offer premises (quantities, material indexation clauses, LTAs, quicksavings, etc.) are documented in the system. It is crucial for the later claiming to know the original contract, even if the contract was concluded many years ago and the responsible employees have left the company.

What is special about Digital Automotive: The contract bases from the acquisition are recorded in the database and deviations are automatically detected by the system.

These functions make it possible:

  • Automotive-proven workflow, in which the premises are queried and anchored


Preisverhandlungen Automobilzulieferer

In order to really win your target orders: Anchoring with OKR & TASK Manager

With Digital Automotive you can assign your strategic acquisition projects and the resulting tasks to your employees so that your goals become reality.

With the proven management tool Objectives & Key Results, your employees are highly motivated and committed to actually implementing the goals they have set.

Associated individual tasks can be delegated and tracked in TASK Manager. The tasks resulting from the acquisition workflow are automatically forwarded to the individual TASK Manager of the responsible employee.

These functions make it possible:

  • GOALS module (OKR)
  • TASK Manager with automated task creation from the ACQUISITION workflow.


OKR und Taskmanager verbindung

Targeted growth with Digital Automotive - from market observation to strategy and order intake

Digital Automotive offers you a complete system for your market strategy that contains everything you need to be successful: from market development (MARKET module) to basic strategic orientation, operationalization through concrete target acquisition projects, visualization (STRATEGY module), the acquisition process (ACQUISITION module) and finally implementation by the employees (TASK module).

These functions make it possible:

  • Digital Automotive MARKET module
  • Digital Automotive STRATEGY module
  • Digital Automotive ACQUISITION module
  • Digital Automotive TASK module


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