Winning Profitable Business

Seamless transition of project targets from strategic planning to acquisition processes.


Efficiently manage your Request for Quotation (RfQ) pipeline with an acquisition calendar for effective resource planning.


Effortlessly streamline the end-to-end process, encompassing all RfQ and project data, documents, evaluation, calculation, pricing, quoting, and approval summaries.


Have all your RfQ data stored and updated, including version control, to ensure that everyone is working with the latest requirements.

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Manage your acquisition project teams, ensuring timely submissions and maintaining a strong focus on winning the business.


Conduct accurate calculations and pricing for each part number, utilizing individualized price and cost breakdowns and up-to-date factors and surcharges tables.


Your quotes are automatically generated based on your calculations and pricing and are seamlessly integrated into the customer cost breakdowns (CBD).


Maintain version control and explore different scenarios.


Drive transparency and motivation in your sales process with automated order intake reports, providing real-time visibility into your business pipeline.


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