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How You Benefit From Using Digital Automotive

Be Successful with Comprehensive Insights, Compliant Processes, and Real-Time Performance Monitoring.

Real-Time Reports for Informed Decision-Making and Performance:

  • Strategy insights:
    • Know how the market develops.
    • Gain valuable insights into your company's development across customers, regions, plants, products, and projects.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy and the success rate of your strategic acquisition projects.
    • Receive AI-driven recommendations for underutilized plants or market share challenges.
    • Focus on strategic targets and plan resources, promote targets to customers and motivate your team.
  • Profitability safeguards:
    • See contract deviations (volumes, fx, material) and the damage occurred for each project and the entire company.
    • Receive escalation notifications for prolonged unresolved claims.
    • Be informed about bottlenecks in the profit-relevant change management processes.
  • Know your team performance in acquisition, change and claim management and have a result-base to honor it.

Ensure Compliance and Efficiency Through Standardized Benchmark Processes:

  • Consistency and best practices in all sales processes.
  • Quick learning curve for new employees, crucial in resource-constrained times.
  • Processes designed to drive higher profits, increased sales, and faster cash flow.
  • Price tracking in a database, eliminating decentralized, error-prone Excel sheets (risk of losing money).

Focus on Real-Time-Top-KPI's for Profitable Growth and Achieve Your Goals:

  • Growth rate (CAGR)
  • Total turnover of your RfQ pipeline
  • Order intake
  • Open Claims
  • Claim performance (received compensation)
  • Open changes
  • Change performance (profit increase)



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