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Digital Automotive - Automotive Market Forecasting

Automotive Market Forecasting

Understanding the global market in automotive industry developments

in cooperation with

Automotive Market Forecasting

Understand the development of the entire market, individual OEM's, vehicle classes and regions

With the perfectly prepared data from IHS in Digital Automotive MARKET, you can see how the numbers of individual vehicles and aggregated to OEMs or regions are developing. This puts an end to clicking through endlessly long and wide Excel lists. And the management finally uses this wealth of knowledge.

These functions make it possible:

  • Production Forecast Report, which evaluates the IHS data


Visualisierung des Automobilmarktes

Identify potential target vehicles

Select the right vehicle from the multitude of potential target vehicles. The most important criteria are just a click away: Quantities, SOPs, customer locations, vehicle class, etc. all in one overview. Particularly practical: The SOP and EOP calendar shows when which projects will start.

These functions make it possible:

  • Carline & Engine Report, which presents all vehicles and engines clearly with the essential details
  • SOP & EOP calendar with all potential vehicles


Das richtige Fahrzeug einfach finden

Market analysis is the perfect entry point into the process of targeted growth

Once you have identified the right target acquisition vehicles for you, you now only need one click to create a new strategic target project. Simply add the products that are to be included in the vehicle, the price and production location - that's it. Whoever wants to can of course have this step approved via workflow.

These functions make it possible:

  • Carline & Engine Report, which presents all vehicles and engines clearly with the essential details
  • Strategy Project - New Investment Workflow in the STRATEGY Module


Market Volumes und Platform Analyse

IHS data is prepared for management purposes - including Here-Map presentation of your own and customer locations

How would it be if you could see your locations and those of your customers displayed on a world map?

You would quickly identify which of your locations would be ideally suited to supply a particular customer location. And vice versa: Which potential customer locations could be additionally supplied from your own location?

These functions make it possible:

  • Map view with your own and all customer locations
  • Shows top automotive suppliers and competitors



Quantities at the push of a button for the early strategy phase and as a cross-check for inquiries and forecasts

The quantities from the MARKET module are also an ideal cross-check for inquiries and forecasts. Is what the OEM tells me plausible? With one click the answer comes.

By the way: the quantities from the MARKET module are automatically transferred to the STRATEGY, ACQUISITION and BOOKED modules, so there is no need for "copy and paste". And whoever has better information can simply overwrite it.

These functions make it possible:

  • Automatic market data transfer to STRATEGY, ACQUISITION and BOOKED projects
  • Market coverage report to recognize new business opportunities automatically


IHS Markit Analyse

Targeted growth with Digital Automotive - from market observation to strategy and order intake

Digital Automotive offers you a complete system for your market strategy that contains everything you need to be successful: from market development (MARKET module) to basic strategic orientation, operationalization through concrete target acquisition projects, visualization (STRATEGY module), the acquisition process (ACQUISITION module) and finally execution by the employees (TASK module).

These functions make it possible:

  • Digital Automotive MARKET module
  • Digital Automotive STRATEGY module
  • Digital Automotive ACQUISITION module
  • Digital Automotive TASK module 



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