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Identify market developments early


Benefit from the Integrated S&P Global Mobility Data and Projection Which Automatically Get Visualized in Comprehensive Reports.

Get insights on overall market developments:

  • OEMs
  • Regions
  • Plants
  • Platforms
  • Propulsion systems
  • etc.

Easy access data like program codes, SOPs or volumes on specific vehicles or engines.


Explore a map view featuring your own and all customer locations including vehicles and engines build in these plants.


Get inspiration for potential strategic targets with our SOP calendar or our lifecycle report.


Define potential strategic target vehicles or engines with just one click.


MARKET Your Benefits

🔝 Seamlessly integrated market data from S&P Global Mobility (IHS)
🔝 Automatic report visualization
🔝 Comprehensive, individual configurable reports
🔝 Automized market share calculations (Market+ add-on)
🔝 Get inspiration for strategic carlines or engines
 🏁 Profound strategic decisions based on market intelligence

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