Maximizing Performance with One Integrated System


Realize Top-tier Performance

with automotive benchmark processes that drive success in every aspect of your business. Generate profitable growth in Acquisition, Change, and Claim Management while gaining control over your Prices and One-Time-Payments. Experience the power of an all-in-one system that offers maximum transparency, efficiency and effectiveness tailored for automotive supplier sales management.

Unleashing the Power of Deep Integration

Sales Management Grafik

Digital Automotive stands out as the sole solution in the market, offering comprehensive coverage of automotive supplier sales planning and management within one platform. With deep integration, our solution encompasses all essential sales management processes and provides insightful reports across many key areas.

The approach is always focused on generating higher profits, more sales and faster cash-in driven by better steering, better processes, and leads to better performance.

Key areas

  • Market observation and analysis
  • Strategy Management
  • Acquisition (RfQ pipeline)
  • Booked Business Management
  • Change Management
  • Claim Management
  • Price Management
  • One-Time Payments (Invests & Reimbursements)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Task Management
  • Goals Management

Acquisition, Change, and Claim Processes: Engineered for Success.

The Essential Sales Processes Are Driven by Performance. Always with a Focus on Profits and Cash:
  • Acquisition: Win profitable business with an effective process for all Requests for Quotation (RfQs).
  • Change: Increase profitability by external and internal changes.
  • Claim: Receive compensation for all contractual deviations.
Essential Sales Processes
Process Transparency and Effectiveness Based on Supplier Benchmarks with All You Need:
  • Descriptions
  • Customer interactions
  • Document storage
  • Part selections
  • Evaluations
  • Calculations
  • Prices | Costs | Profits 
  • Quoting
  • Approvals
  • One-Time Payments (Reimbursements & Invests)
  • Task Management
  • E-Mail Alerts
Process Transparency and Effectiveness

Process Efficiency is Key

Replacing Excel is a boost in efficiency. Our goal is to minimize manual data input wherever possible. Say good-bye to repeatedly inputting the same data and the times of copy and paste.  

  • If manual input is unavoidable it is done
    → just once, deviating from the conventional approach of managing numerous Excel files for the same topic
    → with super user-friendly interfaces
  • Pre-filled data with input from numerous sources like S&P Global Mobility, your PLM, ERP etc. or other Digital Automotive modules

Replacing Excel does not only save time by inputting data. It also saves time in processing it and generating automized output. Our time-saving features:

  • Easy, fast and enduring accessibility of needed information and documents
  • 100% automated reporting in real-time
  • Price tracking lists receive automatic updates from changes or claims and are seamlessly integrated in sales planning...

Revolutionizing the Core of Sales: Price Management


A revolution in efficiency, transparency and compliance: Shifting from Excel to Database for Price Management.

Prices - The primary outcome of the Acquisition, Change, and Claim Management processes are automatically merged into a unified part price list: 

  • Avoiding mistakes and a boost in efficiency.
  • Gaining price control over the entire lifecycle.
  • Part prices ready to be uploaded into your ERP system for invoicing.
  • Seamlessly integrated into your sales planning – real-time updates included.
  • Prices can be broken down in all components like raw material surcharges. logistics, buy-parts etc.
  • And if you want to track the costs on part number level over lifetime, also this is possible in Digital Automotive.

Automated Real-Time Reports - Ready For Your Next Management Meeting

Gain valuable insights to steer in the right direction and be informed on how you perform. Focus with one click on what is important for you with reporting filters for customers, products, regions, projects etc.

Steer Towards Profitable Growth

  • Monitor real-time data on ongoing acquisition projects (RfQ pipeline)
  • Receive automatic alerts regarding contract deviations (claim potentials!)
  • Gain visibility into open claims, including key performance indicators for escalation management.
  • Track and manage open changes to ensure timely quotation.
  • See delivered parts without purchase orders, providing insights for invoicing purposes.
  • Track all your one-time-payments (tools, RnD reimbursements) and prepare for invoicing in time.
Real-time reports

Visualize Success and Progress with Performance Reports

  • Gain real-time visibility into order intake metrics
  • Celebrate success in claim compensation
  • See profit increase driven by change management

      Reach your targets and focus on Top-KPIs

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